Sonoma, Marin enterprise leads from business actual property transactions: March 6 report


Check out which companies are leasing and buying office, retail, industrial and multifamily properties in Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino counties via the following deals.


Listing format: square footage at address; property type; lessee; procuring agents; lessor; listing agents; transaction date (occupancy date)

Marin County

4,655sf at 11 Commercial Blvd., #1-4 & 9, Novato; industrial; Profit Line Marketing; Theo Banks & Nathan Ballard of K&C; Commercial Blvd. LP; Theo Banks & Nathan Ballard of K&C; Dec. 21

1,200sf at 35 Pamaron Way, #A, Novato; industrial; Christen Grabowski; Nathan Ballard of K&C; BG3 Properties LLC; na; April 27

Sonoma County

8,318sf at 1311 Clegg St., #A, Petaluma; industrial; John Owens Services Inc.; na; Ron Adams & Rich Stuart; Demi Basiliades of K&C; Dec. 1

6,692sf at 133 Copeland St., #C-1A, Petaluma; industrial; Life On Earth Art; Demi Basiliades of K&C; 133 Copeland LLC; Demi Basiliades of K&C; Jan. 26

5,524sf at 1244 Central Ave., Santa Rosa; industrial; All Around Auto Repair; Nathan Coogan of K&C; RJL Properties LLC; na; Dec. 5

5,054sf at 3617 Westwind Blvd., Santa Rosa; office; Arterica Inc.; na; CPSA-Westwind and Laughlin LLC; Shawn Johnson of K&C; Nov. 29

4,389sf at 201 First St., #100, Petaluma; office; Daily Acts; na; AudienceView; Mike Thomason & Russ Mayer of K&C; Nov. 2

2,401sf at 490 Mendocino Ave., #105, Santa Rosa; office; Council on Aging; na; Carol & Morton Rothman Trust, et al; Russ Mayer of K&C; Sept. 14

2,117sf at 8945 Brooks Road S., #C, Windsor; retail; Michael McCloskey & Haixia Ma; Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Billa Enterprises LLC; Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Oct. 21

2,000sf at 541 Martin Ave., #4, Rohnert Park; industrial; Nick Bonelli; Kevin Doran of K&C; Michael Gallagher; Kevin Doran of K&C; Nov. 29

1,875sf at 490 City Center Drive, Rohnert Park; office; Heidi Swingley; Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Arbors Rohnert Park LLC; Rhonda Deringer of K&C; Oct. 25

1,572sf at 2620 Lakeville Hwy, #350, Petaluma; retail; CazKat Inc.; Sara Wann of K&C; Lakeville Square LLC; na; Jan. 9

1,431sf at 160 Wikiup Drive, #104, Santa Rosa; office; PSI Services; na; Jacqueline McMahon; Kevin Doran of K&C; Sept. 8

1,259sf at 3536 Mendocino Ave., #300A, Santa Rosa; office; Lab Corp; Annette Cooper of K&C; Bayside Realty; na; Dec. 30

1,204sf at 3510 Unocal Place, #325, Santa Rosa; office; Wine Industry Compliance; Shawn Johnson of K&C; STG Group; Dave Peterson & Danny Jones of K&C; Nov. 17

866sf at 3410 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa; office; Ashley Forrest & Annie Buxbaum; Sara Wann of K&C; 57 Taylor Enterprises; Sara Wann of K&C; Dec. 14

850sf at 670 W. Napa St., #D, Sonoma; office; Totem Landscaping LLC; Joel Jaman of K&C; Glen Ellen Properties; Joel Jaman of K&C; Dec. 21

724sf at 2 Padre Parkway, #302A, Rohnert Park; office; Kira Kayler & Sharin Friedman; Sara Wann of K&C; Davis RP LLC; Sara Wann of K&C; Jan. 11

639sf at 2 Padre Parkway, #106, Rohnert Park; retail; Siena McCarthy; Sara Wann of K&C; Davis RP LLC; Sara Wann of K&C; Nov. 28

150sf at 4863 Old Redwood Highway, #E, Santa Rosa; office; Delia Arbor & Timoteo Hernandez; Doug Braik of K&C; Feeney Russian River Ranches; na; Dec. 20

140sf at 2841 Cleveland Ave., #14, Santa Rosa; office; Dr. Tom Mouchet; Doug Braik of K&C; Holm Family Trust; Doug Braik of K&C; Dec. 26

110sf at 6575 Oakmont Drive, #11, Santa Rosa; office; Brittany Chambers; Doug Braik of K&C; Oakmont Properties SR LLC; Doug Braik of K&C; Jan. 7


Listing format: square footage at address; property type; buyers; procuring agents; sellers; listing agents; transaction date; value

65,500sf at 6085 State Farm Drive, Rohnert Park; industrial; Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria; Stephen Skinner of K&C; 6085 Acquisition Associates LLC; na; Feb. 17; $8.75 million

24,900sf at 40 N. Ely Road, Petaluma; industrial; Willowbrook Land Company LLC; Sara Wann of K&C; Shainsky Special Properties LLC et al; na; Feb. 3; $2.425 million


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