Sidney Sources Company provides multifaceted foundry and agriculture veteran Corey Schram to its board of administrators


Sidney Resources Corporation (OTC:SDRC) announced the addition of Corey Schram, majority owner and president of AFK Corp, to its board of directors. 

AFK is a gray and ductile iron-green sand foundry based in Wisconsin, and under Schram’s leadership it has seen record profits and growth, the company said. In addition to iron castings, AFK now provides customers with machined finished castings in the manufacturing industries. 

All told, Schram brings over 35 years of experience in operations and management in the foundry industry. He also happens to be a licensed muti-engine (IFR rated) commercial pilot with over three decades of experience and over 3,300 hours logged in many different aircraft. 

Schram is also part owner and manager of a land holding LLC that rents over 600 acres of farmland to an operations LLC. He occasionally works with the operations LLC, operating agriculture equipment to plant and harvest field corn and soybeans. 

“Corey’s decades of multifaceted experience working with the EPA and OSHA regulations will help Sidney Resources Corporation (OTC:SDRC) ensure that it is navigating growth and expansion under the direction and supervision of experienced professionals with a passion for sustainability,” Sidney CEO Sean-Rae Zalewski said in a statement. 

“Corey’s vision matches Sidney’s leadership team’s desire to develop technologies and implement cleaner methodologies that are not only positive from an economic perspective but are also designed to maintain a sustainable future.”

Sidney Resources is conducting exploration and development work to determine the values of ore bodies located on three patented claims, the Lucky Ben, Lucky Ben Extension and Hornet properties totaling 53 acres.

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