Sewickley space actual property transactions for the week of Feb. 26, 2023



Robin A Hummel Johnson trustee sold property at 206 Timber Ln to Claudia Wickham Lane for $275,000.

Kristin Gene Morrell sold property at 302 Trailside Drive to Peter and Florence Donnelly for $375,000.

Bell Acres

David Shuman trustee sold property at 141 Beech Ridge Drive to 141 Beech Rd LLC for $2,650,000.

Brian Thomas Mullen sold property at 121 Young Road to Matthew Saut and Roxanne Dreskler for $252,000.

Franklin Park

Robert Sperl sold property at 2423 Brandt School Road to Laura Pappas for $218,000.

Estate of Evelyn Morrison sold property at 2440 Campmeeting Road to AMC Real Estate Services Inc. for $70,000.

Robert Hitson sold property at 1407 Christa Ct to Elijah Carrington for $512,000.

Tracey Cartwright sold property at 1557 Crestview Drive to Ryan and Jenna Quinn for $350,000.

Adrianne Aiken sold property at 1603 Green View Ct to Nicholas Habursky and Julie Bastianini for $550,000.

Karen Waldron sold property at 2349 Haven Drive to Neil O’Keefe for $205,000.

Robert Douds sold property at 2461 Henry Road to TD Kelly Co. Inc. for $150,000.

Rachael Edmiston sold property at 2683 Hunters Point Drive to Lawrence and Zachary Richert for $244,110.

Daniel Ritter sold property at 2752 Hunters Point Drive to Raul and Jacqueline Garcia for $270,000.

Pitell Contracting Inc. sold property at 2323 McDevitt Road to Matthew and Shihchia Chen Thompson for $175,000.

Patrick Phelan sold property at 2501 Mckinney Road to Kyle and Kate Nelson for $130,000.

Micahel Zak sold property at 2244 Reis Run Road to David and Kristin France for $434,000.

Joanne Harbaugh sold property at 1649 Stone Mansion Drive to Deborah Albright for $360,000.

Robert Stark II sold property at 1611 Valley Brooke Ct to Andrew Michael and Laura Elizabeth Krigline for $610,000.

Dennis Hixenbaugh sold property at 1564 Village Drive to Jacob and Chan Skiba for $484,000.


Joan Riley sold property at 128 Pilgrim Drive to Scott Diemert and Kevin Miko for $235,000.


Christopher Justin sold property at 11 Elm Ln to Cartus Financial Corp. for $457,000.

Cartus Financial Corp. sold property at 11 Elm Ln to Matthew Harris and Christina Smith for $457,000.

Anthony Jankiewicz trustee sold property at 428 Washington St. to Frank and Anna Macchione for $130,000.


Hoeys Run LLC sold property at 400 Centennial Ave. Unit 2 to BJK Trading LLC for $2,740,000.

Sewickley Hills

Richard Gratton sold property at 119 Park View Drive to Casey and Samir Hifri for $850,000.

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