NJ farmers lean into ‘climate-smart’ agriculture


When you think about farmers in the Garden State, you might picture them planting seeds, milking cows, raising poultry, harvesting crops and delivering fresh, healthy foods to market.

Without a doubt, farmers feed the world. As the old saying goes, “No farmers, no food.”

Did you know that as farmers grow food, some are simultaneously mitigating the threats posed by our changing climate? An increasing number of farmers are embracing “climate-smart” or “climate-friendly” practices that reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Just as forests absorb and sequester carbon, so do healthy agricultural soils and crops.

The Rodale Institute, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit, is dedicated to growing the regenerative organic movement to increase the ability of soils and vegetation to sequester carbon. Rodale recommends a variety of practices that build soil health, with the ultimate goal of dramatically reducing heat-trapping gases that are warming the planet.


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