New actual property firm desires to shake up NWA dwelling


NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) – A commercial real estate company, Road Trip Development, is launching a new multi-family housing project in Northwest Arkansas that puts a focus on health and wellness.

The owner of Road Trip Development, Robert Goltermann, is also the president of DCM Management Company. Based out of St. Louis, Goltermann said the idea came to him after multiple trips to Northwest Arkansas over the years. Seeing the growth and focus on health-related fields and the mindset of the community, he decided it would be the perfect place to anchor these projects.

The first complex in the project will be put up in Fayetteville near the Northwest Arkansas Mall. It will be 208 units with project investments around $45 million.

The Fayetteville structure, called “The Claude”, will have amenities like saunas, meditation gardens, outdoor spaces and unique ways to bring in natural light to the space. While physical health is a priority, Goltermann wanted to put a heavy emphasis on mental health.

“One of the things that we’re being extremely disruptive at, is providing what can we do from a mental health perspective. Because in my own personal opinion– in America right now, mental health is probably even more important than physical health, especially coming out of COVID,” Goltermann said.

Additionally, these projects are meant to inspire people to get to know their neighbors and get connected in their communities.

Road Trip Development is dubbing the project as “disruptive” and Northwest Arkansas as a “flagship” for this type of development. Goltermann and his team are hopeful this changes the way people look at and live their lives.

“We’re combining everything from functional medicine, to providing different amenity spaces that the public wouldn’t normally have, and we’re providing that at an affordable standpoint at the same time,” Goltermann said.

Duke McLarty is the executive director for the Northwest Arkansas Workforce Housing Center. He thinks the idea will be a good fit for the area. He also raised a flag surrounding getting new housing into Northwest Arkansas.

McLarty said our region is welcoming in around 30 people a day to its population, and our development is not keeping up with that growth.

“This is a new problem in Northwest Arkansas. Many municipal areas, when they go through a huge influx of population, struggle to keep the housing development ahead of the population growth,” McLarty said.

According to McLarty’s projections, Northwest Arkansas is projected to have a population of just under one million by 2045.

“We need to think about what we want that 2045 to 2050 Northwest Arkansas to look like and be sure the housing is in place to welcome everyone,” McLarty said.

In addition to The Claude in Fayetteville, which is projected to be up and running by the end of 2024, Road Trip Development is working on two other projects in Bentonville. One is a 5-unit pocket community, the other is a 250-unit structure.


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