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If it’s true that we’re only as strong as our weakest link, then having a superior team isn’t just helpful—it’s essential. And that’s especially true in today’s competitive real estate landscape, where recruiting reliable, motivated agents is crucial for any good brokerage. 

How to expand your real estate brokerage

In the new year, here’s how to be successful in finding (and securing) top talent: 

1. Be seen

Just like companies can’t forgo a proper marketing plan in the hopes that customers will find them, the same is true for great candidates—you’ve got to go where they are.

For pre-licensed and in-school candidates higher up the funnel, place ads on sites like ZipRecruiter or Indeed, not just on social media platforms. Ultimately, it all comes down to targeting. Pointing candidates toward the right licensing school (psst, we know a good one) and staying in touch ensures a future interview once they receive certification.

For younger candidates, consider asking area community colleges whether you can conduct a short presentation about your brokerage to their classes. You never know what entrepreneurial minds might be present in the audience. 

2. Attract real estate agents by speaking their language

We’re working in an unprecedented era of shifting employment patterns and preferences. Thus, staying abreast of current workplace and hiring expectations is key—especially when attracting younger agents seeking longevity in their real estate careers.

In other words, read the room: If a more flexible workday speaks to people’s needs, make sure to highlight that in your messaging. If ownership of one’s career is paramount, lean into the ability to leverage a candidate’s own social media platform to carve their niche. In today’s digital-first landscape, our audience’s interests are knowable, measurable, and clear—we need to listen to what they’re telling us. 

3. Make your real estate brokerage inclusive

The need for greater diversity in the real estate industry is no secret. People want to work in an inclusive, supportive environment, and setting that tone starts from the top. Just as today’s buyer and seller pools don’t look the way they did 15 years ago, neither does the pool of potential agents—and that’s a good thing.

When recruiting (and beyond!), be more intentional in your language, messaging, and actions to ensure any quality candidates who do come your way feel seen, supported, respected, and valued. “Representation” isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. 

4. Provide better employee incentives

Yes, turnover is unavoidable and attrition is real, but investing in your agents leads to better retention—period. And because the average amount of time spent at a brokerage is just five years, finding agents who genuinely seek longevity means no more daunting searches for other loyal talent. With this in mind, incentivizing should take two paths: 

Make sure to hold on to the quality folks you do have.

Consider offering alternate compensation tracks to top-producing agents. Because they likely negotiated their revenue share at the beginning of your relationship—prior to them demonstrating their real value—you don’t want them getting lured elsewhere through more appealing financial terms. To offset this risk, consider creating a tiered goal structure or offering an initial signing bonus.

Offer avenues to make licensing and brokerage placement more streamlined. Colibri Real Estate provides a turnkey solution that offers new recruits courses at a discounted rate. Tools like these go a long way toward investing in smart candidates and building a solid roster. 

In 2023, focus on these management mindsets and ask what you can do to raise the bar. Secure and retain the agents you were meant to have through these simple steps. And, know that we are here to help you in your recruitment of high-quality real estate agents. 

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Tina Lapp is head of customer experience and instruction for Colibri Real Estate. With nearly 30 years of professional education experience in the real estate sector, Lapp empowers aspiring and seasoned professionals to thrive in their careers. Lapp was inducted into the RISMedia Newsmakers Hall of Fame in 2022.


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