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President Biden’s war on American energy is making life unaffordable, including for David Hickman, a fifth-generation farm owner and operation from Horntown, Virginia. 

He told the Energy and Commerce Committee in January, “this is the most perilous time… for American agriculture.”   

WATCH David explain further why we need to unleash American energy to lower prices: 

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“We had never seen prices increases like we had in 2022. Everyone has to realize that agriculture runs on energy, whether it be petroleum, diesel fuel, or natural gas. A lot of people don’t realize that natural gas is in so many other products than just fuel. 

“This potato bag, for example, is a five-pound bag that goes to all our supermarket customers. It was 12 cents in 2021. 16 cents in 2022. That 4 cents might not sound like a whole lot but when you buy half a million that is $20,000 just in the packaging. 

“Food prices are directly related to high energy costs. This country needs a stable, affordable supply of energy because so much of agriculture is dependent upon energy. As long as energy is high priced and in short supply, it will translate in higher food prices and shortages in the supermarket.” 

David is right. Energy is foundational to everything.  

For the farmers who grow our food, manufacturers who make products we need, to truck drivers who make deliveries, grocers who struggle to keep their shelves stocked, and for Americans who are stretching their budgets to feed their families—energy touches every part of our economy and way of life. 

That’s why Energy and Commerce Republicans are leading on energy solutions to increase production, boost refining capacity, build more pipelines, and repeal the Democrats’ natural gas tax. 

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