Actual Property Transfers March 4, 2023 | Data


The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 15 and Feb. 22:

1120 Crabtree Ave., Bair Development LLC to Raange Investments LLC, $650,000

1120 Crabtree Ave., Raange Investments LLC to Ohio Valley Leasing LLC, $650,000

1733 Burdette Court, Rainbow Rentals LLC to Kizzy M. Vargas, $128,000

5400 Haycraft Road, William M. Kuegel, Jr. and Lois Elaine Kuegel to Blake Baggarly and Leanna Baggarly, $225,000

4566 Cove Point, Maria C. Goatee and Justin J. Goatee to Brandon Blythe, $190,000

Property on Hall Street, Amy B. Spurrier and others to Larry Griffith and Eunice Corneta Griffith, $13,620

2021 Mill Ave., Lonnie Nave and Laura Nave to Automated Building Concepts Inc., $175,000

3216 Russell Road, The Estate of Thomas B. Riney to Hayward A. Murray and Diana Christy Murray, $252,000

1729 Bluff Ave., Cody Blake Adams and Katie Adams, Ronald Joseph Dye to Shu Fei Jiang, $30,000

3821 Needleleaf Court, Megan Leigh Holinde and Caleb Holinde to Blonde Flamingo LLC, $128,500

3233 Mount Moriah Ave., CCF Car Wash Systems LLC to Owensboro Autowash Properties LLC, $2,192,271

518 East 5th St., Kings Right LLC to Jasmer Singh, $20,000

1715 Prince Ave., Master Commissioner Matthew C. Tierney to Kentucky Housing Corporation, $115,000

10793 Indian Hill Road, Pup Creek Farms LLC to James A. Higdon, Jr. and Pamela H. Higdon, Mary Agnes Fitzgerald and James A. Fitzgerald, $228,580

2219 Frederica St., Elizabeth W. Bozeman and Gary Bozeman to Just the Very Best LLC, $125,000

3024 Ridgewood St., Jonathon C. Hodskins to Christopher M. Lyons, $139,700

169 Partridge Loop, Anthony C. English and Rio English to Minet Temple Neuhart, $180,000

3517 Spokane Court, MSL Investments LLC, Pinnacle Point LLC to Yar Zar Linn and May Zabai, $219,900

1729 Bluff Ave., Shu Fei Jiang and Yuan Hua Huang to Scott Richards and Linda Richards, $38,000

7146 Highway 144, Jeannetta Mayfield to Taylor D. Dodson and Cortney E. Dodson, $130,000

10850 McCamish Road, Case Drilling Company to Michael S. Wilkerson, $45,000

1625 Payne Ave., Jack R. Dickens and Deborah L. Dickens to Marga Hall, $77,500

1719 Booth Ave., Diana Lynn Williams to Roger C. Stewart, Shannon L. Anderson, Rebecca L. Stewart, Jillian A. Co, $150,000

1913 East 10th St., Jeremiah Drahos, Joshua Drahos to Velocity Property Group LLC, $24,650

7220 Old Kentucky Highway 54, Raymond E. Whistle and Emma L. Whistle to Robert T. Whistle and Amy S. Whistle, $20,000

1834 Hughes Ave., Timothy Alan Copeland to Bobbie-Jo Cole, $125,000

4000 Reliant Circle, Logan Baggett and Samantha Baggett to Geoffrey B. Mehl, $237,500

4008 Reliant Circle, Joyce Ray to Deborah A. Wolley and Lonnie T. Wooley, Jr., $245,000

169 Whittier Drive, Rainbow Rentals LLC to Joshua A. Morris, $149,000

2627 West 10th St., Katashia Lynn Berry to James D.R. Adams, $110,000


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