A number of explanation why barns are painted pink


Ned Birkey

Weather: The updated (1980-2010) Michigan 30-year average spring 32-degree frost date for Monroe County is April 25. The fall frost date is Oct. 18. The updated 28-degree freeze temperature for Monroe County is April 13 and fall freeze date is Nov. 5. 

Corn: Purdue University released a study of corn yield responses to 2×2 starter fertilizer applications of nitrogen. In 24 of 55 trials, yield response of 23-50 pounds of N averaged seven bushels per acre compared to no starter fertilizer and ranged as high as 18 bushels per acre. No yield response was detected in the other 31 trials. 

Soybeans: What is the risk of planting soybeans in March? In dry soils, seeds can remain dormant for weeks. When soil temperatures are 50 degrees or higher, and with adequate moisture, seeds will germinate. Former world soybean yield record holder Kip Cullers, who spoke at Cabela’s, said he wanted all seeds to emerge with 18 hours for a uniform stand. With rainfall, and in cooler soils, diseases such as damping off, seedling rot can quickly kill sufficient plants to warrant replanting. Overwintering insects such as bean leaf beetles can feed upon emerging foliage and kill plants. In previous mild years, soybeans have been planted in late March on occasion in Monroe County and some of those same fields have also had insect infestations of overwintering bean leaf beetles by mid-April.


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