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the ultimate guide to home tile types

When combined with the wear and tear of the heat and humidity, Boca Raton’s Mediterranean Revivalist architecture has given us the preeminent canvas for tile work. Flooring options like hardwood are often poor long-term solutions thanks to our subtropical climate. Beginning with Addison Mizner, tilework has long been infused as part of our cultural expression and nowhere is that truer than the many works of interior and exterior mastery in Boca Raton. For our Ultimate Guide to Home Tile, we researched every kind of tile we could find, listed them all out below, and describe the good and bad behind each. While we don’t claim to be contractors, we know a thing or two about homes and are confident in delivering you the best information in The Ultimate Guide to Home Tile Types.

ceramic tile


Ceramic Tiles are an affordable and durable solution for residences in the Boca Raton area. These often grouted tiles are easy to clean, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, and are relatively low-cost and easy to acquire. On the negative side, ceramic has a higher potential to sustain cracks, and is generally more difficult to self-install as an untrained professional. In addition, the hardness and insulation can leave ceramic tiles cold to the touch and wear down the feet if standing too long. However, these remain among the most popular tiles for residential real estate in Boca Raton and across the country.

porcelain tile


Porcelain tiles are superb for hallways, main rooms, and highly trafficked areas. Their durability and low-maintenance nature make them an outstanding solution for homeowners for flooring and wall tiling. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean and stain resistant, making them an apt solution for Boca Raton residents with children and pets. Like ceramic, they are cost-effective and versatile, coming in a myriad of finishes and sizes. Porcelain can be slippery, prone to cracking and require complex installations. Thus, porcelain may be something less sought-after for 55+ homeowners looking to line their restrooms with the best tiles to fit their lifestyle.a

glass tiling


Glass Tile is the ultimate backsplash and swimming pool accent choice. The tile is quite slippery, prone to chipping, and more expensive than most tiles, making it a completely irrelevant solution for flooring. Yet, these beautiful, reflective, and polychromatic tile options are the preeminent choice for luxury on indoor and outdoor projects. Glass tile is stain resistant, easy to clean, and wonderfully aesthetic. When remodeling your bathroom or kitchen or installing a new swimming pool, be sure to look into glass tile as a beauteous solution to your visual needs. 

cement tile


Cement Tiling is often found in the Mizner-inspired Mediterranean structures, often in elaborate patterns as displayed above. Seeing as they are constructed from the same material used in the structure of the building, cement tiles are apt for high-trafficked areas. Better yet, cement is made from natural materials, setting it apart from other flooring options like carpet or vinyl in its overall eco-friendliness – an increased concern among modern homeowners.

marble tile


Possibly the fanciest tile on the block, marble is simply beautiful. This timeless expression of luxury elevates any space from simple to sophisticated. Equally durable and water resistant, each piece is taken from quarried stone, all of which include unique patterns. In addition, marble stays cool to the touch, making it a perfect countertop material, especially for kitchen and entertaining areas. Marble is porous and can stain if not sealed properly. It is also slippery, and far from scratch-proof. Marble should be considered a luxury item, and only installed if the homeowner is willing to incur the up-front and over time costs that are required to maintain this beautiful stone material.

mosaic tile


Mosaic, in essence, is a tile made from a variety of smaller, often diversely shaped and multicolored tiles. These easily cleaned, versatile, and durable tiles are most popular in places where glass tiles may be used: on pool floors, backsplashes, bathrooms, and countertops. Mosaics are often designed according to the color scheme and are favorites for homeowners with a serious eye for artwork and color. The primary downside to the mishmash of tiles that become the mosaic is grout maintenance, which is a more complicated process when tiles are not arranged in a consistent geometric pattern. 

granite tile


Besides “stainless steel,” the most desired two words home buyers like to hear when surveying their kitchen options are: “granite countertops.” These igneous stones provide one of the most durable and potent, heat-resistant counter and tabletop options in the world. It is one of the most durable, water-resistant, and scratch resistant tile option, with maintenance often reduced to a minimum. As flooring, there are better options, but the volcanic origins of granite provides the perfect canvas for your culinary ascension. Granite will easily resist the heat from a hot pan, which by nature expands your available counterspace when preparing large or complex meals. 



Limestone is the perfect outdoor flooring. It is versatile and durable, water-resistant and easy to maintain, but is most often used in outdoor tiling around pool decks and yard spaces. Limestone is porous, can become slippery, is limited in its insular properties, and may require pressure cleaning when stained over time. Yet, this is one of the best materials for a South Florida pool home, as despite its porous nature, it can be easily cleaned, maintained, and do not require additional sealing or treatments.

travertine tile


Travertine is another natural-looking tile that falls in the limestone family in terms of its application. This is a more indoor/outdoor tile rather than the frequent outdoor use we see with limestone. Travertine is widely used in Mediterranean-style homes for its rustic, often Tuscan appearance. It is water resistant and durable, easy to maintain and almost always applied without the use of grout. However, it is prone to scratches, moisture absorption, and staining. Proper installation, sealing, and maintenance is a must to keep this beautiful selection looking good from day 1 to your next move.

quarry tile


Quarry tile is made from a durable clay composite that can withstand frequent foot traffic and high humidity. It adds a unique rustic look to any space and can deftly accommodate earthy tones and muted hues, both of which are very popular in today’s design climate. They are low maintenance and require regular cleaning but not much else to ensure ongoing quality of appearance. Quarry tiles require skilled installation, and are not as widely available as other home tile types, which based on simple economics would likely contribute to a higher cost on average,

metal tile


Metal is unique, modern, and becoming a high-end solution for discerning customers seeking a new variety of roofing tile. They require more skill to install than a routine shingle roof but are far more stain resistant, requiring significantly less maintenance than shingle roofing. If price isn’t an object, metal tile and roofing may be the choice for you. They are far more weather resistant, further protecting your home hurricanes and severe weather systems. In addition, metal roofing looks terrific, and may not require replacement or repair for over 50 years!

resin tile


Last but not least, resin tile adds a unique and modern touch best lent to contemporary spaces. Better yet, resin tiles can be made from home! While we don’t suggest home resin casting, the composite material used in resin tiles is widely available to everyday consumers who want to take a walk on the crafty side. Resin provides limited insulation, is prone to scratches and chips, and is limited in quantity which invariably drives up the price. Yet, resin tiles are a new and increasingly popular selection for modern home renovators.

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