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The series have been designed for about three months, and nearly two to three episodes are telecast in a week. In a prime-time drama, an episode runs for about two hours, including the advertisements, and in the case of regular dramas, they are showcased for either an hour or about thirty minutes. When it is broadcasted internationally, it is displayed for about 45 minutes. There are different time slots assigned to each of the shows. Nearly three dramas are shown at once in different timeslots. Hence, users can watch it according to their convenience and watch different stories in non-overlapping time slots. Moreover, these series are becoming quite popular in international countries due to their cultural impact. Most of these series are based on the stories of two people who would finally fall in love towards the end of the series. Hence the users are very eager to complete the entire series and watch the climax of the thrilling series. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10500798