See 105 dwelling gross sales in Onondaga County


The Onondaga County Clerk’s office recorded 105 home sales between Feb. 13 and 17.

The most expensive home sold was a 5-bedroom, 4-bath home in the Crown Point section of the Town of Onondaga that sold for $585,000, according to Onondaga County real estate records. This area was the site of the 2018 Parade of Homes.

The second most expensive home sold was a 5-bedroom, 2½-bath colonial on a 1.74-acre lot in the Town of DeWitt that sold for $500,000. (See photos of the home)

You can search sales in Cayuga, Madison, Onondaga, and Oswego counties through our online real estate database. Be advised that sales are updated as the state receives the information from each county. Some counties update the state more frequently than others, so there may be a delay in their reported sales.


Average home price this period: $261,837

5357 Falcon Ledge – $385,100 – Mark G. and Mary Anne Cappucilli to Mohammed A. Algamel

29 Sherry Drive – $180,412 – Mark C. Tynan as executor of the last will and testament of Kathleen A. Tynan to Madison Almy

312 Yorkshire Blvd. – $220,000 – Hector and Laurie Serrata to Alexander Reeder and Abigail Webster


Average home price this period: $202,674

5629 Bear Road – $135,000 – Ethan Thomas to Timothy Hulser

6009 Jerusalem Drive – $290,878 – Medaqwan Gainer by Catherine Sullivan Esq. as referee to Truist Bank

6152 Mud Mill Road – $210,000 – Neal W. and Holly L. Saarie to Sarah M. Bear and Joseph B. Tripodi

7835 Oneida Trail – $210,000 – Equity Max Property Management Inc. to John L. Deforge

8117 Pickett Lane – $200,000 – Eric C. and Susan A. Stappenbeck to Brandon Melfi and Emily Locastro

8877 Shellman Drive – $170,166 – Henry K. Young to Gordon Young


Average home price this period: $170,200

4299 Candlelight Lane – $150,000 – Zachary Kenneth Paddock to Jasmine Rodriguez-Gutierrez and Carolina Zaida Rodriguez-Gutierrez

14 Dove Path – $195,000 – Limestone Ridge LLC to Scott P. Spratt

408 Fergerson Ave. – $153,700 – Tania R. Lafave and Thomas E. Lafave to Jennifer Geelan

114 Herman Drive – $142,000 – Joshua J. Motyka to Heather Scott

6 Juniper Lane – $185,500 – Joanne M. Lewandowski as trustee of the Barbara A. Shonyo Year 2010 Trust to Stanley J. Lucien

7400 Oakpost Road – $205,000 – Clark and Sherri Beth Griggs, nka Sherri Petri, to Anne Marie Seller

209 Redwood Drive – $250,000 – Penelope A. Manning to Veronika Singh and Kyle Pellizzari

109 Ruth Road – $145,000 – Marian A. Manders as executrix of the last will and testament of Eric I. Manders, aka Eric Irvine Manders, to Tyshawn Anthony McBride and Kelsey Morgan Cloonan

4642 State Route 31 – $74,000 – Robert C. and Susan M. Delong to Mark A. and Meghan M. Donabella; Timothy J. and Heather F. Barnes

4147 Stepping Stone Lane – $180,000 – Dorothy Boorady as trustee of the Dorothy Boorady Revocable Trust to Gregory Biggs and Clarissa King

4395 Wetzel Road – $192,000 – Karen Keast as executrix of the last will and testament of Christy G. Dorsey to Tyler Stever


Average home price this period: $201,064

5978 Bay Hill Circle – $240,000 – Donald L. Levin as trustee of the Donald L. Levin Trust to Bart Van Altena and Alissa Darbin Levin-Van Altena

113 E. Yates St. – $95,000 – Richard Ernest Larock to Donald Deredita IV and Rowena Deredita

200 Hamilton Parkway – $260,000 – Steven A. Lalwani individually and as surviving spouse of Deena S. Lalwani to Jason Donald Gilbert and Stephen Kilgore

101 Longwood Drive – $185,500 – Christine R. Collins as surviving tenant of James Craig Collins to Brian Stratton

302 N. Center St. – $90,000 – George D. Rushford to VCH Realty Syracuse LLC

1091 Nottingham Road – $500,000 – John Albanese to Christopher Alnutt and Nicole Cooney

116 Revere Road – $168,075 – Leon A. and Jacqueline Saddler, aka Jacqueline D. Saddler, by Diego LeBaudy Esq. as referee to U.S. Bank National Association as trustee of American Homeowner Preservation Trust Series AHP Servicing

101 W. Henrietta St. – $65,000 – Elizabeth Jones as executrix of the last will and testament of John W. Culkin to John Graves

50 Wexford Road – $206,000 – Sen Yang and Arie D. Rennert to Haley M. Wood


43 Clinton St. – $169,100 – Thomas Foote to Robin M. Bourque


7861 Main St. – $83,300 – Bruce L. Chimene to Under The Bus LLC


Average home price this period: $142,450

340 Long Branch Road – $129,900 – Patrick S. Carroll to David Perez and Jacqueline Torres

114 South Ave. – $155,000 – Jennifer Wells-Banks fka Jennifer A. Banks to Logan Banks


2407 Route 11A – $150,000 – Cleghorn Properties LLC to Leo Joseph Touchette and Marie Gibbons


Average home price this period: $249,342

3239 Far Reach Drive – $295,000 – Christopher and Rachel Coty to Andrew Raiola and Casey Lind

57 Oswego St. – $13,027 – Christopher and Blake Anne Sheehan to David H. and Christine Adams and Macenzi R. Johnson

7926 Springwoods Circle – $440,000 – Bryan and Shanna Brown to Gilbert Korta


Average home price this period: $214,929

8329 Decoy Run – $216,000 – Neal S. Coffey to Maricarmen Justiniano

115 Kendall Drive E. – $40,000 – Jill Loucks Curtis as administrator of the estate of Sarah P. Loucks to Timothy and Patricia Loucks

7727 Marie Drive – $175,000 – Heather Jean Regan to Michael T. and Amberlyn C. Edmunds

5837 Marlow Drive – $236,000 – Jane Krizman as trustee of the James F. Gill Irrevocable Family Protection Trust to Joshua Fioramonti

5845 Marlow Drive – $240,000 – Gregg R. Jenkins to Tamera Gail Chase

102 W. Franklin St. – $237,500 – Mark B. Billinson to George Azzolino

102 Whispering Stream Way – $360,000 – Robert S. and Kristin W. Buchanan to Faten Kharat Helou


Average home price this period: $395,500

4478 Gray Wing Lane – $585,000 – Cordelle Development Corporation to Kaamel Nuhu and Genevieve Alorbi

4203 Makyes Road – $206,000 – Cheryl R. Hardick and Angela Luce as co-executors of the estate of Susan Jo Franchina; aka Susan J. Francina, Susan Franchina, to Patrick J. and Christine F. Taylor


3200 Fish Gulf Road – $206,000 – Nathan Caleb Olcott and Casandra Dee Olcott to Douglas Coon


Average home price this period: $237,950

8864 Number 5 Road East – $136,000 – Meghan Pomeroy and Andrew Mapstone to Justin L. Orr and Tabetha M. Branch

7782 State Route 20 – $339,900 – Michael A. and Kayla C. Sharshon to Matthew L. Brafman and Anat Guez


Average home price this period: $147,775

321 Craigie St. – $91,745 – Housing & Urban Development to Jorya Realty LLC

316 E. Molloy Road – $94,000 – Charles L. Atkins Jr.; Victoria E. Baker, fka Victoria E. Atkins, as executrix of the estate of James A. Atkins; and Thomas Joseph Atkins to Kaylee Atkins and Gabriel E. Lorenzo

122 Glendale Ave. – $141,500 – Thomas M. and Jacalyn L. Godkin as trustees of the Thomas M. Godkin and Jacalyn L. Godkin Revocable Trust to Caleb J. Lockwood

407 Kirsch Drive – $158,000 – Thomas J. Gilligan Jr. to Vitaliy and Elizabeth Isakov

903 Molloy Road E. – $45,000 – Jennifer R. Guerin as trustee of the Diane L. Toteda Family Irrevocable Trust, aka Toteda Family Irrevocable Trust, to Orangetown Properties LLC

4986 Pebblestone Lane – $190,000 – Jennie R. Daly fka Jennie R. Palmisano to Dennis W. and Claire M. Mills

237 Quincy Place – $162,500 – Dennis and Claire Mills to Brenna L. Poli

300 Sandra Drive – $155,000 – Melissa Seltzer as executrix of the estate of Edward Seltzer to Courtney A. Hoyt and Hieu C. Nguyen

818 Second St. – $200,000 – Joan M. Thomson individually and as surviving spouse of Maurice Thompson to James Chester Peet II and Amanda Peet

6931 Shannon Way – $240,000 – Robert A. and Darlene Brown to Dennis and Jennie R. Daly


3826 State Street Road – $390,000 – John G. Butler Jr. and Barbara C. Butler, trustees, or their successors in trust under The Butler Living Trust to Gareth Petko-Bunney and Kara Youle


Average home price this period: $112,022

160 Baldwin Ave. – $83,000 – Otis L. Finch to Guynell D. Wright

107 Belle Ave. – $35,000 – Joseph Santiago to Ramon Ramos Gonzalez

321-325 Bellevue Ave. – $80,000 – Todd Hobbs to Rafayeth Chowdhury

122 Berger Ave. – $20,000 – Trenia Griffin, aka Trena Griffin, and Trinisha Sanjurjo to Quaron Taylor

411 Bradley St. – $64,900 – TLH Holdings LLC to Rafayeth Chowdhury

113 Briggs St. – $105,000 – Gerald M. Wilson to Hagan Property Group LLC

316 Burdick Ave. – $101,400 – Johnny Cannon Jr. to Abdelnaeim O. Ahmed

1831 Butternut St. – $99,000 – Moo Lerwah Say to Kabita Rai

129-133 Collingwood Ave. – $50,000 – Avni Jahiu to Senad Kahrimanovic

352 Coolidge Ave. – $92,000 – Josephine Williams individually and as surviving spouse of Leon Anthony Williams to Allissa Ann Meisner and Dale Elvis Meisner

114 Cortland Place – $84,800 – Shayne Gleason to Maribel Carrillo

136 Dorwin Ave. – $160,000 – Nonata N. Keithly individually and as surviving spouse of Douglas Ray Keithly to Morgan E.P. Jantzi and Janet P. Jenkins

420-22 Douglas St. – $165,000 – Benjamin R. Lewis to Balsa Holdings LLC

228-230 Duane St. – $125,000 – Jeanne Pierre Bseirani and Stephanie Bseirani to 4THE4 LLC

337 Forest Hill Drive – $179,000 – Joshua B. Patricoski to Aaron J. Lahart

214 Hancock Drive – $271,000 – Joel P. Delaney as trustee of the JMEA Irrevocable Trust to Karen Shaup and Jeremy Mauro

621 Hawley Ave. – $81,000 – Pearler Washington; aka Pearler Victoria Walker, Pearler Victoria Davis, Pearler V. Davis-Walker, Pearler V. Walker-Davis, Pearler Davis, Pearler Walker, Pearler V. Washington, Pearler Walker Davis, Pearler Walker V. Washington, Pearler Walker Davis, Pearler Walker Washington, Pearler Victoria Washington; individually and as executor of the estate of Reggie Ladell Washington, aka Reggie L. Washington and Reggie Waseington, et al. by Michael S. Allen Esq. as referee to U.S. Bank Trust National Association as trustee for Cabana Series V. Trust

547-549 Hickok Ave. – $130,000 – Gia Palermo to Stephen Skinner

134-36 Holland St. – $55,000 – Greater Syracuse Property Development Corporation to Andre Wilson

601 Kirkpatrick St. – $185,000 – Home Headquarters Inc. to Chase Lucien

735 Lemoyne Ave. – $36,500 – Syracuse Quality Living Inc. to Yelvel Rafael Silverio

1214 Lodi St. and Laurel St. – $96,000 – Joel Carballido and Elizabeth Castaneda to Robert W. Noy

112-114 Mark Ave. – $10,000 – Three Iron Collectibles LLC to Manuel Williamson

185 Martin St. – $158,000 – Matthew A. Bulger to Bhabi Subba and Sharwnima Mangar

237 McKinley Ave. – $62,000 – TLH Holdings LLC to Preana and Rodneshia K. McIntosh

1435-1437 Midland Ave. – $69,000 – Zach Barney Ventures LLC to Robert W. Noy

460-62 Midland Ave. – $118,000 – Mary J. Cannady to Samantha G. Hinds

264 N. Collingwood Ave. – $100,000 – John F. O’Connor, RRA CP Opportunity Trust 1 and John O’Connor Jr., et al. by Joseph Gorgoni Esq. as referee to Home Headquarters Inc.

217-219 Norwood Ave. – $148,400 – Andrew L. Cummings as executor of the last will and testament of Patricia R. Cummings to Michael Mario Demarchi

461 Pleasantview Ave. – $130,000 – Jack Eaton to John A. Larca Jr.

444 S. Midler Ave. – $33,811 – Tony Caffrey; aka Anthony Caffrey, Anthony Caffrey Jr., Anthony F. Caffrey Jr.; et al. by Ronnie White Jr. Esq. as referee to Cleghorn Properties LLC

447 Salina St. – $170,000 – Anthony Lanzafame and Michael Glynn to Michael J. and Wendy V. Glynn

116 Scottholm Terrace – $230,000 – Bruce F. and Katherine R. Coville to Maria Lester

3888 Stevens Road – $400,000 – Patrick W. and Terry E. Hourigan to ADR Holdings LLC

96 W. Corning Ave. – $30,000 – SFR3-030 LLC to Habiba Ali

380 W. Kennedy St. – $47,000 – Candace K. Lockett to Avangard Capital Solutions

113-117 Wainwright Ave. – $140,000 – Anna M. Ross to Su Reh


13 Lincoln St. – $59,000 – Housing & Urban Development to Justin Spring


Average home price this period: $150,071

7 Division St. – $182,500 – Jason A. and Yurah S. Vaughn to Jordan E. Barbato

50 Downer St. – $130,000 – Better Renter LLC to DRA Management LLC

110 Hunter Drive – $162,000 – Wendy J. Hauswirth as trustee of the Revocable Indenture Trust of Wendy J. Hausworth to Kathryn Commisso

1088 Lynch Road – $84,000 – Amy B. Lounsbery and Kristian S. Obine, as co-trustees of the Robert F. Obine Irrevocable Trust, and Robert Obine to Tailgate Partners LLC

118 Rufus Circle – $140,000 – Mary Beth Bosco to Josiah Wademan

111 Softwind Circle – $140,000 – Debra E. Sampson to Aleksandar Vasilev

7525 West Dead Creek Road – $212,000 – Kelly DeSena as surviving spouse of James DeSena to Sarah Marie Gentile and Gregory Gentile Jr.

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