Podcast: Soil scientist smitten with agriculture


Soil scientist Sixolise Mcinga initially had her eyes set on a career in medicine but in the end, agriculture stole her heart. Today she is thriving in the industry as a senior analyst in sustainable agriculture at Green Cape.  

In this edition, she talks more about her fondest childhood memories, what led her to pursue this career, co-authoring a book about conversation agriculture, and so much more.

Growing up farming

Growing up in a large family, Mcinga recalls life to be full of tradition, and rich with fond farming memories.

“We really enjoyed farming and had a little garden. During the planting season, my uncle would come with oxen and plough our field.” She adds that one of her most beautiful memories is how her uncle would teach her to lead the oxen.

During her farming days with the family, she was always drawn to the cattle. “For some reason, I always thought I had a connection with the cattle. I would just give them orders. it was such a beautiful thing.”

Initially, medicine was her first choice. And although agriculture was not her first option, destiny always leads you exactly where the heart leads.

“I feel like agriculture chose me, I did not necessarily choose it and when I did it, as much as I grew up doing it, I hated it. I am not going to lie because [agriculture was associated with poverty and no education]. People didn’t understand the science behind agriculture,” she says.

In this episode, Mcinga talks about:

  • How she fell in love with her agriculture career;
  • Career highlights; and
  • Day-to-day production in her workspace.

Catching up with a #SoilSista

Also featured in this episode, is #SoilSista Winnie Gininde.

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