La Crosse space actual property transfers (copy)


La Crosse area real estate transfers:

City of La Crosse

  • Lori Bixby and April Gray to Mackenzie and Zachary Matzke, 330 29th St. S., $440,000.
  • Michael Stall to Sandra Stall, 1010 Liberta St.
  • Taylor Greenwold to Sarah Horton, 828 Kane St., $160,000.
  • SB Edifice LLC to Riverland Investments LLC, 1445, 1447 and 1449 Caledonia St., $190,000.
  • Cheryl and Gordon Bornitz to Cheryl and Gordon Bornitz Living Trust, 1311 and 1313 West Ave. S.
  • Christine Miller and John Streyle to Miller Trust Agreement and Streyle Trust Agreement, 320 17th St. S.
  • Freebird Rentals LLC to Joshua Freehill and Charisse Koscal, 3001 Green Bay St., $230,000.
  • Amber and Brent Duhoux to Amy and David Owen, 2919 Robin Hood Drive, $330,000.
  • Jane Poss Estate to James Cherf, 2124 21st Terrace S., $200,000.
  • Donald Mollway to Julie Washburn-Mollway to Schams Rental LLC, 2825 Broadview Place, $200,000.
  • Jill and William Raven II to James Cherf, 215021st Terrace S., $220,000.
  • Jimmer and Samuel Christenson to Alder Yu, 2112 19th St. S., $187,000.
  • Arlene Schmidt Estate to Arlene Schmidt Revocable Trust, 2426 Seventh St. S.
  • Arlene Schmidt Trust to River House III LLC, 2416 and 2426 Seventh St. S.
  • Nathan Diekmann to Kyle Mickelson to Ellen Rozek, 1111 Grandad Terrace, $250,000.
  • Katelynn Mettille to Buchner Properties LLC, 1819 Hyde Ave., $75,000.
  • Kathleen Vaughn to William Copus, 710 Gould St.
  • Katherine Bolser to Tina Heyer, 2224 Green Bay St., $260,000.
  • Kayce and Tyrone Poindexter Jr. to Dash Years LLC, 1823 21st Place S., $200,000.
  • Gayle and RobertGoodew to Jared Hawes and Jessica Morales, 1404 West Ave., $197,000.
  • SB Edifice LLC to Von Ruden Holdings LLC, 1124, 1126, 1228 and 1130 Caledonia, 1025 and 1027 Rose St., 716 and 718 St. Andrew St., $975,000.
  • Kristine Harden and Jessica Schweigert to Ana and Thomas Pengra, 1219 25th St. S., $176,500.
  • David Hinsverk Revocable Trust to Tri-State Homes Reimagined LLC, 2706 Cass St., $190,000.

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City of Onalaska

  • Andrew and Benjamin Stokes to David and Mary Stokes, 311 Poplar St.
  • Mary Cody to Mary Cody Revocable Trust, 604 Sixth Ave. N.
  • Thomas Brewer to Jean and Steven Eckley, 1303 Rose Wood Trail, $340,800.
  • Carol and Stephen Schuldt to Stephen and Carol Schuldt Irrevocable Living Trust, 2116 Franklin St.


  • Goehner Investments LLC to Andrew Goehner.
  • Andrew Goehner to GI Bangor LLC.
  • Lois Munson to Ashley Anderson and Jeffrey Rochester, $250,000.


  • Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Choice Construction LLC, $65,900.


  • Kathleen and Timothy Beron to Small Town Investments LLC, $74,000.
  • Kathleen and Timothy Beron to Small Town Investments LLC.

West Salem

  • Harter Properties LLC to James Shurson, $510,000.
  • Daniel Wee to Gulbrand Wee.

Town of Barre

  • Harvey and Karen Wolter Revocable Trust to Harvey and Karen Wolter.
  • Harvey and Karen Wolter to Ramon and Rick Wolter, $56,430.

Town of Campbell

  • Alvena Schnedecker Estate to Janet Eckhoff, $180,000.
  • Robert Jennings to Lisa and Michael Stock, $170,000.
  • Duane and Karen Calkins to Andrew Blenka, Melissa Gerrits and Gabriel Gray.

Town of Farmington

  • Jill and Mark Schlifer to Schlifer Irrevocable Trust.
  • Adam and Samantha Clopton to Kayce and Tyrone Poindexter Jr., $375,000.

Town of Holland

  • Billie and Kenneth Korpal II to Robin Johnson, $580,000.

Town of Onalaska

  • Michael and Susan Jacobs to Michael and Susan Jacobs Joint Revocable Trust.
  • Todd Sobkowiak to Birdd House Real Estate LLC, $450,000.
  • Todd Sobkowiak to Scott Sobkowiak, $20,000.
  • Cheryl and Gordon Bornitz to Cheryl and Gordon Bornitz Irrevocable Trust.
  • Marilyn Smethurst to Jason Mahlum, $250,000.
  • Dennis Eggen to Anthony, Dennis and Patricia Eggen.

Town of Shelby

  • Vivian Storm to Vivian Storm Revocable Trust Agreement.
  • Andrew and Romi Londre to Britta and Daniel Osborne, $230,000.

Town of Washington

  • Hundt Family Trust to Hundtlands LLC, $517,000.
  • James Allen Revocable Trust to Brandon Arentz, $382,500.


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