Berks County actual property transactions for Feb. 26


Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to [email protected].
Albany Township
Susan J. Zettlemoyer to Susan J. Zettlemoyer Family Trust, 1197 Old Philly Pike, $1.
Alsace Township
Kathy Williamson and Lynn Williamson to Meghan Fitzwater, 11 Poplar Ave., $188,000.
Timothy M. Peterson Estate to Philip Berardi, 12 Peach Lane, $185,000.
Drew S. Eck and Tara L. Eck to Sharon Drexel, 33 Alsace Ave., $1.
Amity Township
Robert J. Merritt III to Jesse J. Stoudt and Lisa S. Stoudt, Ben Franklin Hwy and 861 Ben Franklin Hwy, $98,500.
Richard L. Scheler to Reds Legacy LLC, 231 Old Phila Pike, $1,000,000.
Courtney Duffy and Jamie Mears to Brandon Figueroa, 702 Antietam Drive, $380,000.
Craig D. Leiby Sr. and Lori R. Leiby to Elizabeth Tenison and Gary Tenison, 24 Lehmann Drive, $579,900.
Bern Township
Lolita B. Pace to Rose House LLC, 613 Prison Road, $550,000.
Scott Allen Conrad and Jody Lee Conrad to Brh Homes In Pa Southeast LLC, 2476 Roosevelt Ave., $55,000.
Wesley M. Henne and Mindy L. Henne to Steve Figueroa, 323 N. Main St., $259,900.
Maria Micheles to Melissa Garvey and Joshua Zuluaga, 617 N. Main St., $268,000.
Brecknock Township
Kerry J. Smith Jr. to Kerry John Smith Jr. and Sarah E. Smith, 50 Marsh Road.
Caernarvon Township
Albert D. Garrison Sr. Estate to Johanna Diane Garrison, 39 Smith Road, $1.
Centre Township
John W. Schlappich to John W. Schlappich Revocable Trust, 1415 Shartlesville Road, $1.
John W. Schlappich to John W. Schlappich Revocable Trust, 1405 Shartlesville Road, $1.
Colebrookdale Township
Istvan S. Seitz to Bradley J. Eddinger and Allison R. Eddinger, 143 Pheasant Run, $435,000.
Jason R. Graber and Stephanie L. Graber to Jason R. Graber, 1623 Weisstown Road, $1.
Theodore M. Kazmierczak and Patricia M. Kazmierczak to Preston Garett Stokes and Ciara Ann Stokes, Wissinger Road, $130,000.
Cumru Township
Sandra M. Niehenke to Jose Vargas Torres and Severina Altagracia Vargas, 347 Ashley Drive, $260,000.
Harold L. Seltzer to Harold L. Seltzer Jr., 511 Marshall Drive, $200,000.
District Township
William F. Hilbert Jr. to Ann D. Lorish, 3128 Woodside Ave., $1.
Douglass Township
Colebrookdale Chapel to Dana K. Baires and Moises I. Baires, 2114 Farmington Ave., $251,000.
Earl Township
Russell P. Wade and Mary Jane Wade to Russell P. Wade and Mary Jane Wade and Loriann Wade and Michael Martinez, 142 Laurel Road, $1.
Exeter Township
Anthony M. Evert and Robyn L. McMaster to Zachary Reichert and Estelle Reichert, 4529 Hillside Road, $365,000.
Nassau Properties LLC to 1100 Lincoln Holdings LLC, 1100 Lincoln Road, $3,100,000.
Christopher David Nein and Thomas M. Nein to Vicente Reyes-Lemus, 127 W. 33rd St., $270,000.
Michele Wardius to Allen Jin-Kee Kim, 63 Emily Court, $339,000.
Emily M. George to Benton Investments LLC, 3202 Orchard View Road, $220,000.
Pentagon Investment Corporation to F. R And S Inc., Lincoln Road, $68,100.
Watergate Corporation to F. R And S Inc., Red Lane, $33,700.
A. V M Nursery Corporation to F. R And S Inc., 1131 Lincoln Road, $61,500.
Wood Nursery Corp to F. R And S Inc., Red Lane, $285,100.
Jacqueline Torres-Rodriguez to Gerardo Popoter, 5796 Oley Turnpike Road, $2,000.
Shirley M. Zeppos Estate to Christopher M. Monos and Shari M. Monos, 215 W. 38th St., $1.
Brandon Figueroa to Courtney Graham, 422 W. Vine St., $314,900.
Patricia D. Delong to Jill M. Delong and Scott A. Delong, 802 N. Richmond St., $285,000.
Greenwich Township
Anna M. Meck to Steven D. Meck and Sharon A. Meck, 26 Donat Road, $1.
Brenda J. Burkhart to Blue Rocks Inc., 349 Sousley Road, $275,000.
Glenn M. Haag Estate to Barbara Siminerio and Salvatore Siminerio, 134 N. 5th St., $156,000.
Heidelberg Township
Randall Bright to Chad M. Correll and Lori L. Correll, Crossgate Lane, $65,000.
Donald W. Krause Estate to Allen R. Krause, 415 Wentz St.
Kingdom Foundations LLC to Amanda Lynn Webber, 1401 Frush Valley Road, $187,500.
Bertram A. Rohrer And Dolores M Rohrer Revocable Trust Dated December 24 2004 to Dolores M. Rohrer, 3342 Montrose Ave., $1.
Longswamp Township
Carien B. Barnes and Nathan R. Barnes to Austin M. Kline, 12 Gap Road, $310,000.
Lower Alsace Township
Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation to Steven C. Woy, 424 Friedensburg Road, $179,900.
Brian R. Hartman and Doreen M. Hartman to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 1450 Friedensburg Road, $1.
Lower Heidelberg Township
D. R Horton Inc. New Jersey to Rayson Zhang, Teaberry Court, $629,990.
Maidencreek Township
Anders A. Abrahamson and Ann Marie Abrahamson to Prestige Growth Enterprise LLC, 517 Harvest Drive, $120,100.
Maxatawny Township
Gary L. Heffner to Gary L. Heffner and Katherine L. Heffner, 790 Baldy Road.
Karen G. Wright and Karen G. Cherrington to Thomas V. Cherrington, Long Lane, $1.
Robert C. Peters and Judith M. Peters and Eric W. Peters to Deysi A. Aranda Abad and Deysi A. Aranda Abad, 5 Monroe St., $159,500.
Jane B. Shupp to Stacy Ann Lambert, W. Summit St., $2,000.
Mount Penn
Ronald P. Galipeau and Margaret E. Galipeau to George R. Osenbach Jr. and Donna L. Osenbach, 2525 Perkiomen Ave., $82,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Rita D. Segal Estate to E. & J Acquisitions LLC, 5121 Wilshire Road, $130,000.
Susan N. Guldin Estate to Tabitha J. Wirebach, 4117 7th Ave., $200,000.
Barry L. Huyett and Emelinda Huyett to Ronald M. Steffe III, 3101 River Road, $271,000.
Carmen A. Almonte and Harry Almonte to Jhon Rauly Espinal and Od Arioly, 208 Reichert Ave., $230,000.
Colin T. Kunkle to Dylan J. Miller and Martha Solorzano, 4107 Juniper Drive, $285,000.
Fiordaliza Adames Rodriguez to Gladys Castillo Machuca, 2218 Kutztown Road, $2,000.
Sean M. Sell to Gladys Castillo Machuca, Crystal Rock Road, $18,900.
Ramco Business Systems Inc. to Sensory Room LLC, 2851 Centre Ave., $965,000.
Oley Township
Jordan Kinley Henn and Kristen Liann Henn to David Immendorf and Alexandria N. Hrasok, Furnace Road, $95,000.
Andrew M. Shirey and Stephen J. Shirey and Eugene W. Shirey to Sandra Rhoads and Darren Rhoads, 1728 Memorial Hwy, $445,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Forino Co LP to Joseph W. Farley and Donna M. Farley, 258 Ida Red Drive, $325,637.
Christopher Richard Rinehart Estate to Chewi Turnkey Properties LLC, 136 Dries Road, $150,000.
Forino Co LP to Robert Hughes and Julie Ann Hughes, 256 Ida Red Drive, $339,299.
Dennis Greenawalt and A. B Frith to Jonathan Leventry, 1015 Mohrsville Road, $12,100.
Carl M. Moyer and Doris L. Moyer to Haiam Iprhiam, 28 Moser Lane, $300,000.
Penn Township
D. R Horton Inc. – New Jersey to Donald P. Sanders, 504 E. 4th St., $314,990.
Hector E. Chumpitaz and Mirna Y. Calderon Pena and Mirna Y. Calderon Pena to Cerem Ardolli and Lano Ardolli, 846 Locust St., $93,000.
Darlene H. Strunk to Aquiles Brito, 1258 Muhlenberg St., $20,000.
Toronto McCain to Lindo Homes Rentals LLC, 1544 N. 10th St., $65,000.
Pa Flipbros LLC to Galiz Investments LLC, 350 N. 9th St., $100,000.
Burdier Home Buyers LLC to Eric Alexis Gonzalez Ocasio and Kevin Yaddiel Quinones Ocasio, 426 S. 7th St., $164,000.
Melvin E. Acevedo and Sharelis Acevedo to Angie Paola Pelegrin Paredes, 322 S. 17 1/2 St., $130,000.
Noel J. Amadis to Ambar N. Baez, 1519 N. 11th St., $59,369.46.
Reyna Salvador to Jose S. Zavala Salas, 725 N. 12th St., $68,000.
Grundy Property Solutions LLC to Gregory Allen Hayes Sr., 933 N. 12th St., $165,000.
Charlene S. Skimski to Cirilo A. Dilone Almonte and Mercedes Del Carmen Dilone Duran, 927 McKnight St., $165,000.
Mark A. Iezzi and Steven Randall Iezzi to Mark A. Iezzi, 1200 Green St., $1.
Grundy Property Solutions LLC to Robert Ellis Johnson, 363 Hazel St., $133,500.
Ernesto Crespo to Irene Capellan Figuereo, 123 Elm St., $164,000.
Ambiorix Tavarez Batista to Amina A. Baig, 168 Hudson St., $98,000.
Jose F. Urena Siri to Cerem Ardolli and Lano Ardolli, 527 S. 11th St., $90,000.
Suzanne M. Heller to Vp Property Associates LLC, 1034 Union St., $140,000.
Maria A. Rodriguez to Cotton St Properties LLC, 1210 Oley St., $85,000.
Javier Baldeon to Ernesto Crespo and Ginett Ruiz Rivera, 1226 Cotton St., $80,000.
Robert W. Boyer Estate to Brianne Huey, 2211 Raymond Ave.
John J. Hefferon to Yz Properties LLC, 109 S. 6th St. and 111 S. 6th St., $670,000.
Wilfredo Desarden and Francisca Vargas Estate to Ana Mercedes Urena, 919 Birch St., $145,000.
Crestmont Heritage LP to Dustin Readinger and Adriana M. Readinger, 309 Crestmont St., $195,000.
Gehringer Family Trust to Haley L. Kleinspehn, 1417 Linden St., $1.
Carol A. Keppley to Carol A. Keppley, 620 S. 19th St., $1.
Fahad Azam to Msf LLC, 634 N. 10th St., $135,000.
John C. Echeverria to Maria I. Huembes and Errick Galeano, 338 N. 10th St., $65,000.
Edgar Francis Gordon to Edgar Francis Gordon and Elaine C. Gordon, 1400 Union St., $1.
Shema Ahmad to Karima Masood, 542 Poplar Lane and Poplar Lane.
Jussy R. Zarzuela to Davelka Y. Santos Munoz, 644 Tulpehocken St., $130,000.
Marta Pena to George D. Manzueta, 652 N. 6th St., $180,000.
Donald Hughes Jr. to Jean Claude Junior Anastil, 417 N. 2nd St., $125,000.
Yitzchok Fogel to 426 Spruce LLC, 426 Spruce St., $21,000.
Harriet D. Rauenzahn to Dana Peterson, 1410 Museum Road and 1415 Rose Virginia Road, $289,900.
Pa Flipbros LLC to 50 50 Ventures LLC, 1017 Washington St., $140,000.
George A. Schwambach Jr. and Linda A. Schwambach to George A. Schwambach III and Darren P. Schwambach and Wendy L. Drago, 128 Peach St., $50,000.
Emmanuel Corporation Inc. to Dt Interprise LLC, 363 N. 2nd St., $215,000.
Richmond Township
Lee B. Kline Estate to Kurt Green and Lena N. Lupey Gree, 16 Ridge St., $349,900.
Robeson Township
Jeffrey A. Repinsky Estate to Blair Houck and Katie Houck, 571 Golf Course Road, $205,000.
Aaron E. Landis to Jorge G. Morales, 100 Pennbrook Ave., $170,000.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Courtney Grebill, 33 W. Ruth Ave., $100,000.
Rockland Township
Danielle L. Deturk to David Robert Deturk and Danielle L. Deturk, 18 Mellon School Lane.
Ruscombmanor Township
Bruce R. Hilbert and Sandra P. Hilbert to Welbilt Homes Inc., Marybeth Drive, $85,000.
Zachary J. Reichert and Estelle M. Reichert to Karina Craig, 126 S. Wyomissing Ave., $164,900.
Nathaniel L. Oropollo and Emily K. Oropollo to Michael Oliviero Jr., 541 Meade Tc, $225,000.
Sheila M. Bressler and Michael A. Bressler to Marc D. Buchhalter, 107 E. Noble Ave., $200,000.
Sinking Spring
Rod A. Rittenhouse and Alexander T. Rittenhouse to Beniamino Grande, 1225 Columbia Ave., $95,100.
Spring Township
Shawn S. Varghaizadeh and Tammy Lynn Varghaizadeh to Spyridon A. Papademetriou, 109 Perkasie Ave., $196,000.
Elizabeth A. Lamarca Estate to Debra H. Stavarski and Thomas A. Stavarski, 3016 Merritt Py, $255,000.
Frank J. Congileo Estate to Supplemental Needs Trust FBO Geraldine E. Congileo and Geraldine E. Congileo, 1945 Cleveland Ave.
Jeffrey M. Shannon to Jeffrey M. Shannon and Jerry M. Rodgers, 221 Oak Hill Lane, $1.
Kim D. Unger and Susan M. Unger to Dawn E. Wagner and Glenn L. Wagner, 406 Leland Way, $450,000.
Barbara A. Folkman and Theodore J. Folkman to Margaret Lynn Riccardi, 164 Bran Road, $715,000.
Christopher L. Banks to Dino D. Dimariano, 2703 Penn Ave., $1.
Jeannette J. Schmehl and Richard P. Schmehl to Gerardo Popoter, Rockland Ave., $2,000.
John Glucksnis Jr. Estate to Hoang Nguyen and Thi Huong Lam, 1608 Whitfield Blvd., $303,000.
Dominican Association of Pennsylvania to Gerardo Popoter, Paper Mill Road, $2,000.
William C. Hemstreet and Denise A. Hemstreet to William C. Hemstreet and Denise A. Hemstreet, 1680 E. Thistle Drive, $1.
Tilden Township
Adam P. Peter and Tanya L. Peter to Kelly Richards and Nicholas Beeman, 381 Hill Drive, $500,000.
Althea Fetherolf and Althea M. Fetherolf to Kellen D. Klee, 7 Sholly Drive, $345,000.
Chester W. Epting and Mary Ann Epting to Gerardo Popoter, Lowland Road, $4,100.
Union Township
Cheryl Carter to Elmer Smucker, 2604 E. Main St., $167,500.
Upper Bern Township
Ina K. Stoudt to Ina K. Stoudt Family Trust, 55 Roadside Drive, $1.
Washington Township
Riccardo Mompremier and Nakeisha Tricia Hackshaw to Derek Favinger and Erica Knappenberger, 38 Sugar Maple Road, $245,000.
West Reading
Taylor Graeff to Ryan S. Seitz, 404 Pine St., $197,500.
Terry L. Racine to Swift Property Solutions LLC, 322 Franklin St., $80,000.
Melissa Garvey and Joshua Zuluaga to Scarlett L. Yoas and James Heckman, 409 Pine St., $195,500.
Jose I. Colon Jr. and Nadia E. Colon to James Heckman and Scarlett Yoas, 402 Sycamore Road, $185,500.
Windsor Township
Dale D. Frederick to Dale D. Frederick and Catherine A. Frederick, Bliele Road, $1.
Dale D. Frederick to Dale D. Frederick and Catherine A. Frederick, Bliele Road, $1.
Dale D. Frederick to Dale D. Frederick and Catherine A. Frederick, Bliele Road, $1.
Dwain M. Martin and Jan Ranae Martin to Lester Zimmerman and Elva M. Zimmerman, 105 Mill Road and Mill Road, $41,000.
Dwain M. Martin and Jan Ranae Martin to Dwain M. Martin and Jan Ranae Martin, 105 Mill Road, $1.
Audrey J. Eshbach Estate to Harry Hamilton and Danielle Casey, 140 S. 2nd St., $210,000.
Joelle A. Lamboley to Joelle A. Lamboley, 2024 Meadow Glen.
Pnd Holdings LLC to Marisa Aikman and Anthony Aikman, 1521 Delaware Ave., $235,000.
Bradley D. Bressler and Brennan D. Bressler to 2232 State Hill Realty LLC, 2232 State Hill Road, $2,800,000.
Philip J. Zember Living Trust to Marvin A. Armistead and Wendy Armistead, 28 Park Road, $274,900.


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