Baird haunted home garners nationwide consideration on the actual property market


BAIRD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Popular Haunted house ’13 Vultures Haunted Estate’ in operation since 2015 has been listed for sale on Zillow. The listing went viral after being featured on the Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild, much to the amusement of owners Clu and Cathy Burnham.

“I mean, I figured we might have a few people want to come out and look just because of what it was, but it’s just gone crazy,” Clu Burnham said.

The post has garnered nearly 20,000 comments and more than 20,000 shares due to the insidious interior decorating that has been amassed by the Burnhams over the past nine years. Clu Burnham shared he is sad to be looking at closing their doors, but after such a long run, the time has come.

“We’ve had a lot of fun doing it and we’re still having fun doing it. My wife and I are both getting up in years… This thing just gets bigger and bigger and it takes more and more work to keep it going,” Clu Burnham explained.

Though the chapter may be closing for the Burhnams, they are hoping someone will keep the haunt alive. They’re offering a separate price for the listing to include all of the mannequins, decor, animatronics and more.

“I’m hoping somebody will just take it over, buy everything in here, and continue doing the haunt. And I hope they’ll let me help on it, Y’know. I’d like to hang around and keep doing it,” Clu Burnham expressed.

Until a sale is made, they will continue to operate as normal and have already begun planning for Halloween 2023, ready to open the doors on the first Friday of October.

One of the things Clu Burnham said he will miss the most is the excitement he sees in his seasonal staff. The Burnhams bring on a team of volunteers and teens to set up and suit up as their in-house and outdoor actors.

“A lot of these goth kids come in here and they just love Halloween. They’re devoted to it and you can’t run them away. They’re out here every day wanting to do something,” said Clu Burnham.

No matter what happens to the estate, he said he will continue to show his love for the season.

“When you’re out here in the summertime when it’s about 105 and you’re fighting the briars and the grass burrs, It’s still fun. I don’t care… I wish I was about 30 years younger,” Clu Burnham said.

Although they would like to see the business continue, even offering to include the branding and merchandise in the sale, Clu Burnham said if the price is right they are open to selling it as a normal home to live in.


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