A mixing of legislators and agriculture

Kent Casson

It’s always good when legislators at the state and national levels are exposed to agriculture.

Hats off to the Illinois Soybean Association for hosting the annual “Soy Latte Day” in Springfield recently. ISA staff and farmers served more than 100 soy lattes, which were enjoyed over conversations with several legislators discussing the many benefits of soy.

We can expect to see similar outreach efforts from the Illinois Pork Producers Association later this year with a bacon promotion in the works. IPPA officials also had the chance to mingle with state legislators during a reception at the recent Illinois Pork Expo.

The soy latte platform was appropriate to remind state lawmakers that soy helps feed the world. Illinois farmers spoke of their dedication to growing a reliable, sustainable product for markets across global value chains. Soy helps meet protein demands for human nutrition, animal feed, biofuel production and more.

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